Ozone pumped through water will bubble and dissolve in a way that it is retained. You can think of it like carbonated water used for sodas. However, it will not hold its state as long before becoming “flat”. Therefore, it can’t be bottled and stored.

What would you do with it?

Infections and wounds on the skin have a long history of being treated by ozone water. Among the list are MRSA, gangrene, and diabetic ulcers

Dentists that use ozone water find it most useful. They find that it helps shorten healing times, eliminate infection, and help with cavity procedures and more.

Drinking ozone water or using it to sanitize produce is the last topic to cover. There are many reports of this being of great benefit. Yet, without much research to back up the claims. There was an article published about it improving duodenal ulcers and a common stomach infection.

How it works

Ozone water works in 2 ways.

  1. It is anti-microbial. The oxidative stress that ozone produces is able to render pathogens useless. This is a scientific fact at this point.
  2. Improves the body’s ability to heal. It increases the circulation and function of blood, encourages the molecules that cause healing, and brings more antioxidants to the party.

Is it Safe?

Ozone used therapeutically has been researched around the globe for decades now. Over the course of millions of treatments, it has proven to be safer than Aspirin. As noted previously, ozone is safe when not administered to the lungs.


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