Ozone Injections

What Is An Ozone Injection? We use medical-grade oxygen (O2) combined with an ozone generator to make O2/O3. We fill a syringe with it and inject it into a selected area to treat painful, injured, and damaged tissues. Typically ozone is combined in our office with a...
Effective Muscle Stretching

Effective Muscle Stretching

Many professionals will agree that stretching is important for our muscles. However, we are finding that just stretching a muscle isn’t all that effective or beneficial.   When we look at a muscle microscopically we see billions of sarcomeres. Sarcomeres are the basic...

Rectal Insufflation

As the name suggests, “Rectal Insufflation” refers to introducing ozone into the body through the rectum. If you are new to ozone, this sounds like a very strange thing to do. However, enemas are not a new thing and oxygen (O2) has been infused rectally during surgery...
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