Dr. Morgan Carlson has been practicing acupuncture for over 30 years and knows more about it than anyone I’ve ever met. Acupuncture itself has been estimated to be 3000 years old. Here is what he helped us all to learn more about it.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the use of needling in order to stimulate healing in the body. Pretty simple.

How does it work?

Dr. C: “I got a sliver in my finger and I took my teeth and I pull this sliver out and it got infected and when that happened my thymus gland sent killer T cells and battled. You know battled the wood and the dirt that was in there and the germs that were introduced into my body and white blood cells are demarginated from the arterial walls and come in and battled and an antigen anti-body reaction took place and it took about a week and a half and the infection was cured and then of course other things came in and actually stimulated growth and repair to the damaged tissue.”

Whenever you put an acupuncture needle in you’re mimicking a sliver. There are multiple layers of the immune system (3) and our sliver example calls in the first 2 lines of defense in full force. With acupuncture, we are barely getting to the second level. Since we are not introducing any pathogens there isn’t a real risk of infection. Your body’s immunity won’t have to be fully activated but is enough to create a healing response and bring active cells to the area prepared to help. However, that does not explain meridians.

There are 12 different meridians besides the front conception vessels and the Shu points on the back. These points can also be used along with the meridians. The meridians are all balanced with a particular organ like kidney, heart, lung, digestion, liver, etc. So you can actually use the energy of these different organs to stimulate balance and repair of a kidney, the heart, pregnancy problems like morning sickness, etc.

I recently heard one acupuncture authority talk about how looking at someone will let you see their clothes, body shape, skin qualities. Looking with an x-ray shows the bone structure. With an MRI you can visualize soft tissue as well. If we had the ability to look at the quantum level and see energy then we would see the heart and brain’s effect on the entire system in energy-giving dynamics. This is what we’re looking for with acupuncture and there are windows all along with this system that follows the meridian points and that’s how we communicate with it. Clearly there’s no literature to support any kind of philosophy like this but it is a neat way to think of it.

What are the risks of acupuncture?

Dr. C: “There’s virtually no risk associated with acupuncture; unless you consider that putting in needle may cause discomfort or bruise. Other than that there is no risk.

Even if you put a needle into a nerve you will not damage the nerve. Whereas, if you put a large needle, like with cortisone, into a nerve it will kill it. You will give the patient a shock and obviously take it out but there will be no lasting damage.

Acupuncture is pretty much painless. The only pain you would feel is in breaking the skin. So if you break it very quickly it can be unnoticeable.”

Does it work?

Dr. C: “Well, it works for me. I had a lot of patients get incredible results you don’t get results anywhere else.”

What do you find acupuncture most effective for?

Dr. C: “Health.”

What should someone do in preparation for, or after acupuncture?

Dr. C: “There is no preparation before or after. You can come in any condition. With a migraine, nauseous, throwing up, whatever. After it’s all over you basically take a chill pill and enjoy the energy that’s been given and the help you’re feeling. It’s more just a relaxation thing that you can enjoy.




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