In its natural state ozone is a gas. You will likely be most familiar with the layer of ozone that covers the earth. The ozone layer is mainly created by UV rays from the sun splitting apart O2 molecules and a certain concentration of them reforming as O3.

Approximately 90% of the ozone layer is made this way. See below.

    The other 10% is created during lightning storms and the majority coming from one place – Venezuela. Home of the Everlasting Catatumbo Lightning Storm!!! Check it!

      What Is Ozone? Ozone is oxygen that the body can readily utilize. Ozone is O3 – that is 3 parts oxygen. The air you breathe has O2. The extra oxygen molecule makes it unstable. As soon as it can it will get rid of it. It does this instantaneously inside of the body.

      What Does It Do In The Body? The extra oxygen molecule latches onto lipids (fats) and becomes an “ozonide”. Every cell has a protective wall made up of lipids and it is effective at keeping things out that don’t belong. Ozonides have the ticket to get in. Inside of the cell they find the mitochondria. This is the battery pack of the cell and provides energy for the rest of the cell and subsequently for the rest of the body. Without the energy that mitochondria produce the cell won’t function properly and could die. Mitochondria runs on oxygen. simply breathing oxygen from the air does not guarantee that it will get to the cell to be utilized by the mitochondria but ozone is readily utilizable oxygen.

      How Is It Used? Throughout the world, ozone is used as a disinfectant for various applications. It has also been used medically for over 150 years with infections, wounds, and multiple diseases. In our office, we utilize it every day to treat painful damaged tissues.


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        • Auricular Insufflation
        • Nasal Insufflation
        • Vaginal Insufflation
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        • Autohemotherapy (Blood Infusion)
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